Hourly Prices in NYC

Available in the finest luxury vehicles, our “by-the-hour” service provides truly personalized transportation for those in need of a driver on-hand between locations. With our limo drivers for hire in New York, you may direct your driver to any destination in New York City and have them wait for you. You need not be concerned about the waiting time. It is ideal for those wishing to go from meeting to meeting, tour the city or shop around town.

View the following table for our hourly car and limo service prices in New York:

Vehicle Hourly Rates Within New York City(2-hr minimum) Hourly Rates Outside NYC Boroughs(4-hr minimum)
Tel-A-Car Sedan $40 $50
Millennium Sedan $65 first hour$58 each additional hour $70 first hour$63 each additional hour
SUV $85 first hour$75 each additional hour $85 first hour$75 each additional hour
EcoRide $49 first hour$45 each additional hour $55 first hour$51 each additional hour
*Note: These rates do not include tolls or applicable taxes.

Our car and limo services are available 24/7. With well-equipped, luxurious vehicles for hire, we can take you wherever you need to go at your convenience. Our NYC limo prices and service rates are both competitive and affordable.

For more information, please call (718)956-9500


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